The Tedeschi Family Welcomes Whole Body Cryotherapy to Park City!

The Tedeschi Family is excited to bring Cryotherapy to Park City, UT! While living in Chicago, Courtney used Cryotherapy to improve her athletic performance as a Division 1 Collegiate runner. After just a few times in the whole body cryosauna she saw a positive effect on her recovery time from tough training runs.

After experiencing first hand how Cryotherapy helped her recover, feel more energized and stay away from injuries, she had to share the benefits of Cryotherapy with her father and mother, Matthew and Maria Tedeschi. After the first time they stepped into the Whole Body Cryosauna, they felt the incredible benefits of Cryotherapy. After only a few treatments the Tedeschi family knew that Cryotherapy could help people in BIG ways whether it be to reduce inflammation caused from arthritis, surgery and tough workouts or to help people feel healthier.

We are a family of runners, skiers, triathletes, hikers and bikers. We love being active and know the value of recovery and whole body wellness. We believe in Cryotherapy and what it can do for our bodies. 

Cryo Lodge was brought to Park City, UT to help people spending long days biking, hitting the slopes, or embarking on crazy adventures recover and feel good! 

The Tedeschi family is excited to bring whole body cryotherapy to Park City, Utah! Come visit Cryo Lodge, and see what it's all about!

“It is our passion and goal to help people feel better, faster. Whether that be coming back faster from a workout, helping to ease chronic pains and discomforts, giving people the boost of energy they need, or simply giving people a feeling of better health, Cryo Lodge was opened to help YOU!”