Kick Arthritis to the Curb with Cryotherapy

Kick Arthritis to the Curb with Cryotherapy

Many people today suffer from chronic pains and arthritis. Most of these people are prescribed anti-inflammatory medications to try and help combat limited mobility and joint pain. However, most of these medications also come with side effects such as heartburn, upset stomach, ulcers, and an increased risk of blood clots, heart attacks, and strokes. 

The need for a more natural, quicker and safer way to help lessen joint pain and inflammation caused by arthritis became apparent in the 60's. That is when a Japanese doctor, Dr. Yamauchi, created Whole Body Cryotherapy. He found that Cryotherapy helped to treat inflammation and joint immobility which was caused from Rheumatoid Arthritis. He put his patients through a process which involves bringing the body's surface temperature to a sub-zero temperature. This activated the bodies natural fight or flight response which allowed for the body to release its natural anti-inflammatory and pain relieving chemicals throughout the body and to the areas that were inflamed and in pain. This treatment became very successful and his patients quickly noticed a relief in pain after just one to three Cryotherapy sessions. 

Other beneficial responses that happened after the Cryotherapy sessions included a reduction in inflammation and swelling around joint regions, improved immune systems and an increase in the patient's energy as well as an improvement in the patient's moods. 

A single Cryotherapy session only lasts 3 minutes, which is why many people have found this alternative treatment easy to fit into their treatment regimens. 

At Cryo Lodge, we help to relieve inflammation and pain caused by arthritis so that our clients can proceed with their day to day tasks with little to no pain at all. Cryo Lodge is Park City's first Cryotherapy wellness center and the only place that has the Impact Cryosauna, which maximizes the clients chill with its state of the art USA manufactured technology. 

If you are suffering from chronic pains or arthritis and anti-inflammatory medications or other treatments are not working for you, come chill at Cryo Lodge and experience the restorative and powerful benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy. 

What makes cryotherapy effective?

What makes cryotherapy effective?

Cryotherapy has taken an old and tedious concept of taking an ice bath and combined it with cutting edge technology to give the most effective and beneficial treatment to the body. There have been many studies conducted to show the negative impact ice baths have on the body due to the fact that the cold penetrates the muscles so deeply. Unfortunately, ice baths cause the bodies muscles to stiffen up to several hours after a 20-30 minute ice bath. 

Cryotherapy offers a restorative treatment that only penetrates the outer layer of the skin which allows for speedy recovery and help with inflammation while allowing you to continue on with your day feeling great! Also, one cryotherapy treatment only lasts 3 minutes which easily beats out the 20 minutes of sitting in an uncomfortable ice bath. 

If that does not convince you, here is a list of the TOP reasons why cryotherapy at Cryo Lodge can help you! 

  1. Relieve muscle aches and pains by caused by inflammation
  2. Reduce athletic recovery time and improve athletic performance
  3. Help to increase the bodies metabolism
  4. Decrease swelling and toxins
  5. Increase collagen production
  6. Release endorphins to help boost energy levels
  7. Relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety
  8. Help to improve sleep quality while reducing fatigue


How to recover from Park City adventures.

How to recover from Park City adventures.

Working out is important for keeping the body healthy and functioning. A long day hiking, mountain biking, running or skiing in Park City is amazing for our bodies. However, the post workout recovery routine is just as important, and often completely overlooked. Without recovering properly, your body has a difficult time trying to heal and making the next big day hitting the slopes or trails a tough one.   

This is where Cryo Lodge comes into the picture. For over thirty years, doctors, scientists, arthritis patients and a wide variety of athletes have made the use of cryotherapy the most significant role in their workout.

Cryotherapy treatments are fast lasting only 3 minutes in -220 degrees Fahrenheit. The treatment uses a vaporized form of liquid nitrogen to chill the outer layer of your skin thus putting your body into a flight or fight response. Essentially, your body chooses to fight to help rid the body of lactic acid, inflammation and toxins, all caused from workouts. Over time the use of cryotherapy cuts recovery time and allows you to enjoy skiing, biking, hiking and running in Park City even more!

Cryotherapy also provides a release in endorphins which boosts energy levels and blood circulation, preventing post workout “slumps” and allow you to get back out there faster!