Working out is important for keeping the body healthy and functioning. A long day hiking, mountain biking, running or skiing in Park City is amazing for our bodies. However, the post workout recovery routine is just as important, and often completely overlooked. Without recovering properly, your body has a difficult time trying to heal and making the next big day hitting the slopes or trails a tough one.   

This is where Cryo Lodge comes into the picture. For over thirty years, doctors, scientists, arthritis patients and a wide variety of athletes have made the use of cryotherapy the most significant role in their workout.

Cryotherapy treatments are fast lasting only 3 minutes in -220 degrees Fahrenheit. The treatment uses a vaporized form of liquid nitrogen to chill the outer layer of your skin thus putting your body into a flight or fight response. Essentially, your body chooses to fight to help rid the body of lactic acid, inflammation and toxins, all caused from workouts. Over time the use of cryotherapy cuts recovery time and allows you to enjoy skiing, biking, hiking and running in Park City even more!

Cryotherapy also provides a release in endorphins which boosts energy levels and blood circulation, preventing post workout “slumps” and allow you to get back out there faster!