Cryotherapy has taken an old and tedious concept of taking an ice bath and combined it with cutting edge technology to give the most effective and beneficial treatment to the body. There have been many studies conducted to show the negative impact ice baths have on the body due to the fact that the cold penetrates the muscles so deeply. Unfortunately, ice baths cause the bodies muscles to stiffen up to several hours after a 20-30 minute ice bath. 

Cryotherapy offers a restorative treatment that only penetrates the outer layer of the skin which allows for speedy recovery and help with inflammation while allowing you to continue on with your day feeling great! Also, one cryotherapy treatment only lasts 3 minutes which easily beats out the 20 minutes of sitting in an uncomfortable ice bath. 

If that does not convince you, here is a list of the TOP reasons why cryotherapy at Cryo Lodge can help you! 

  1. Relieve muscle aches and pains by caused by inflammation
  2. Reduce athletic recovery time and improve athletic performance
  3. Help to increase the bodies metabolism
  4. Decrease swelling and toxins
  5. Increase collagen production
  6. Release endorphins to help boost energy levels
  7. Relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety
  8. Help to improve sleep quality while reducing fatigue